Fear of Doing Mindset!

Fear of Doing Mindset!This ‘Fear of Doing Mindset’ can control our brain and stop us from doing. Or you could take this fear and smash it on the head with a mallet.When we do this are business will grow and thrive.If we don’t do, this can get in our personally and professional and create a …

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Pen Power

The Power of the writing with a pen stimulates the brain to learn.As a business mentor, I am passionate about writing with a pen and not a keyboard. The action of writing stimulates the brain to learn and react differently to the situations we may face. Being passionate about ‘PEN POWER’ as I call it. This allows …

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More on Dealing with Fear

Should I keep pulling my hair out trying to grow my business.

Fear is a huge stumbling block for many small business owners, as we discussed in our blog Is Fear of Failure Controlling You? Fear can hold you back in both your personal and professional life, and end up costing you big! So we thought it really wouldn’t hurt to give you a bit more on …

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SEO & Why you need it

Using your website to attract traffic

SEO is like a spy Novel, spying on your product, spying on your competition, spying on your customers, spying on yourself. If you follow some easy rules, you will have a Best Seller SEO Spy Novel too ~ BerylWhy should you care about SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is something that you are probably hearing about …

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Crazy Creative Business Owners