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Fear of Doing Mindset!

Fear of Doing Mindset!
This 'Fear of Doing Mindset' can control our brain and stop us from doing. Or you could take this fear and smash it on the head with a mallet.

When we do this are business will grow and thrive.

If we don't do, this can get in our personally and professional and create a freeze mentality.  This will now help us. 

The story our brain is telling us is if you don't do, then you will be safe from failure. You won't be found out to be a fraud. 

This is stopping you registering your Business Name because you will be found you don't want people to find out about your new business adventure. 

The power of our business name gives us legitimacy. Proof that we have the power in ourselves to succeed.

It's got to do with growing our businesses?

Read more ... Let's dive in ... 

This is how our mindset tells us how we let things, jobs, chores stop us from doing the most obvious thing, like registering your Business Name. 

Guess what this is what we call procrastination. 

Are you just surviving each day or do you want to thrive, prosper and grow? The number one thing that stops us is doing this is 'FEAR'.

We may not even recognise our thoughts as fear. The thoughts are running around our mind about being judged. A story you keep telling yourself is you are worried that the shame and rejection you will get from the people around you will destroy you and your dream. 

Some of the words running around and around your in your beautiful brain is

  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • fear of I don't know how to do this, I don't have the expertise to succeed
  • fear of letting your family and friends down 
  • or fear of just doing because if you don't do anything, people won't know that you haven't succeeded. You will not be a fraud. 

You are too scared to put yourself out there because you don't want people to tell you that you might have it wrong or worse, I always knew you would fail.

The thing is we don't even know what the IT is, but the it scares the heck out of us.

Everyday you want to know what is stopping you from committing to something as simple as 'Registering that Business Name'. You want the answers on how to be powerful and strong.

You want to remove the 'Fear of Doing' in your life, personally and in business. 

You know you have this but there is a huge 'BUT' in your business that you just don't know how to deal with. The but's are getting in our way. 

You have these thoughts and feels that are running around in your head that you are just not good enough.

  • I'm Stupid,
  • I'm Going to Fail,
  • I Don't Want People to Know YET!
  • Not yet, I'll tell them after I've Made Millions, when I successful. When I'm selling more!!!

Did You Know that are not alone ... 

Did you know that at one time or another I too have had these thoughts pop into my head. This was my brain creating a story trying to keep me safe and familiar.

These are just stories, stories that our brain is telling us about not putting ourselves out there.

Giving yourself permission to fail allows you to succeed. You don't have to have 'Fear of Doing'. Because I have the process for you to have the strength to push the button as I often say to my coaching clients.

I want to celebrate your success. I want to help you grow and have the power to help others on their adventure!

When we give ourselves permission to fail, at the same time we give ourselves permission to SUCCEED.    ~Eliose Ristad

Have courage to be imperfect!

Jump over to my Facebook page and learn some more. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings that are stopping you today.

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NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO THRIVE and GROW! And now that you don't have to be so perfect, ring your accountant and register your business name today!

Are you a Crazy Creative Business that wants to knock this fear stuff on the head with a Beryl sized Mallet.

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