Turn your passion into profits

Beryl Hedger Owner, Mentor, Business Coach


Over the years as a Master Textile Artist and Business Coach, I've been dedicated to help many creatives overcome their fear of rejection and get their art out to the world.

Certified Master NeuroCoach in Business Coach, Mentor & Creativity Coach

"If you want to change the world, make something beautiful." .... Charlie Peacock

Why do I do this for you?
Why do I Choose to HELP other CREATIVES & ARTISTS get the results?

I know that feeling of not having clarity and confidence in my creative projects and which direction to go to next. 

After years of hiding from who I really was, I went on an adventure of a lifetime to find the real creative me. 

I love Helping Creatives confidently showcase their art to the world without fear of judgement and rejection by mastering their mindset

One thing COVID has taught us is that

The world needs more artists & creatives just like YOU! 

With the right proven framework there will be No more overwhelm, procrastination and hiding who you are in the cupboard. 

Building a business from your hobby is not about having to sacrifice your passions, it's about creating a process that works for you. 

Building your clarity and confidence in who you are.

Jump for the moon and the stars

How do you do the thing you do?

I've always been fascinated with the creatives around me. I call it stickybeaking.

With clarity & Confidence you take control of your hobby Learn from a master textile artist how to take your passion to the world.

Create More & Live More TODAY!

LET'S DITCH the thoughts & feelings that CREATIVES ARE not IMPORTANT to the world.

Without creatives we would never have had Picasso or Rembrandt or a space rocket to take us to the moon.


Creatives are unique and so very special and that includes you.

Your art is important to the world. The world needs more artists like you.
It's time to feed the sparkle in your heart while you grow a business.


Karen from 


An educator

Beryl is the most loving people I know.

She has always had my best interest at heart. She is kind but also firm when needed. Her desire to see me succeed has helped me develop into the person I needed to be.

She has talked me through some difficult times and made sure I had manageable goals so as not to feel overwhelmed. She helped me break tasks down so I could move forward at a pace I could handle.

I now feel like I have had some successes under my belt. I am able to move forward, brake tasks down and celebrate the wins along the way.

I would not be where I am today if it weren't for Beryl's ability to meet me where I was so I could move forward.



A Student

Thank you so much for the talk last night!

So much came to light in just one call! 🀩❀️


Facebook Chat

A client

Amazing Beryl!!!!! I Just want to Testify How Much You have helped me in my Life Family & Business!!! Your Truly an Inspiration!!

Thank You!!


Yvette -

An amazing Baker


Feeling incredibly high and free. I just did my very first hot seat ever!! 😁 It feels liberating! I almost wasn't going to do it and boy did I need it!  Beryl Hedger  encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and I appreciate you so much for nudging me.❀️

Wow! What an experience! I'm so grateful for you. It was truly a blessing of an experience. Love you guys. πŸ˜˜πŸ€— 


I signed up for a free chat on zoom with Beryl a few weeks ago. We sat and discussed my new art business and the pricing of my art. I am a visual artist and a visual learner so numbers have never really been my strong point. We spoke for over an hour but I had to leave for an appointment. In that hour I learnt so much from Beryl and her advice, kindness and support was amazing.

I contacted Beryl for a second zoom so she could also help me with my upcoming workshops and she kindly agreed. We had another zoom meeting and two hours later Beryl had taught me everything I needed to plan out my costing, to abide with COVID regulations and gave me some great ideas about how to be business-minded and number smart. 

I am so grateful for her kindness, knowledge and support. When I had my first workshop this weekend Beryl was the first one to comment and congratulate me on my post. 

I would highly recommend Beryl as a mentor and coach because she is just so giving, welcoming and has so many fantastic tips and tricks to teach you. 

THANK YOU Beryl you have really made a difference for me and I appreciate all that you have done for me.

My approach is different than other coaches because you are different.

It's now time to take your creative hobby to business and it does not need to feel overwhelming and distracting.

By simplifying the technology, and other processes, it allows us to unlock the things that are stopping you from being more creative in your business and your life. 

Clarity and Confidence

We begin with creating clarity, and with that clarity your confidence begins to grow and thrive.

A strategy that feels good with you and your thoughts and feelings. 

Clarity and strategy grow as you grow and this is important for you feel like you can face the world.

Self Love and Compassion

This is so important to all of us 

So many of us creatives beat ourselves about about not being good or great enough to put ourselves out to the world.

The best and fastest road to success is loving yourself and showing yourself compassion through the ups and downs of creating and building your business. 

BBK Approach

Taking small steps is the framework I work with and will teach you.

Using the framework - it’s a philosophy, really - has given amazing results for previous clients and customers.

Small steps are super effective. They create confidence to be realistic, and gentle to oneself. 

I will teach you how to slow down so that you will have the confidence to put yourself out to the world. 

So many creatives come to me thinking that they are not good enough to have a business from their passion. A lot of artists spend so much time in their studio alone, that they start to feel overwhelmed, stuck and out of control. This can start to affect their creative side. 

Do you get this feeling in your gut when you think about going for it?