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Age is no barrier to what you want to do

Age is no Barrier if you want a career change!

A lot of people seem to have the mindset that if you are over a certain age, you should be grateful for the years you've had and accept where you are in life. People use their age as a reason to avoid trying something new. Whether it's taking a class, a holiday, or to take the leap with a career change we are often held back by fear. If this is you, you're not alone. The idea of change or starting a new adventure truly scares most of us. But let's stop using age as a convenient excuse to avoid these things. 

The same goes for getting the most out of your body. People often think that advancing years means you can no longer ask your body for anything further. People accept chronic pain, fatigue or shortness of breath and dismiss it all as "getting older." They look at young people bending and say "I wish I could still move like that" or "I used to be so fit" and then justify their own lack of condition with "well, not bad for an old fella."

No Compromise!

For years I was told that, as you get older you have to compromise. Compromise on quality of life, fitness, flexibility, energy and achievement. But I have never believed in compromise, I want it all. A Business, a strong body, a strong mind, a strong soul.

To this end, over the last few years I have done a 200km bike ride, achieved a BlackBelt in Taekwondo, learnt to run k's & k's, learnt to kayak and much, much more. Not bad for 60 huh?

But What's Fitness got to do with Business?

"But what does going jogging have to do with my business?" you may ask. To which I answer, a whole lot more than many people think! Physicality is a great when we're talking about overcoming the age barrier mindset to change. When someone manages something that they have never done before or haven't done in years, it gives a massive sense of achievement. But more than the sense of achievement and pride a physical feat gives you, it also opens up your eyes to possibility.

If you can walk those extra k's, why couldn't you do a bushwalk, or climb a mountain or maybe even start jogging again? Realising that many of your physical limitations may well be in your mind can also open you up to the many other opportunities you may have been too scared to even think about taking.

Then there is also the element of looking after every aspect of yourself.

Too old to change careers, I don't think so

I may be 60 but I rocked my section with Tracy from Hardwired for Health

Body First, the Rest will Follow

For me, looking after my body is the first step to everything else I want to achieve. This is a mindset that I share with my fellow neuro coach Tracy Hill from Be Journey Strong and Hardwired for Health. As well as being a neuro coach, Tracy is a fully qualified physiotherapist with a passion for taking care of your body. Tracy believes that no matter how busy you are, if you first take care of yourself, you will be able to take care of the rest of it. So, family, house, business, friends... Put yourself first, and suddenly you'll be better able to manage the rest.

Tracy Hill ... Hardwired for Health

Ever say “I’m too old to do that... I have too many injuries...”?
We’re eliminating those excuses as we talk to a rock star Black Belt In Taekwondo Beryl Hedger who is a “mature” athlete navigating through her aging body with grace.
You don’t want to miss this. Health is possible through any stage, so is performance. It’s about meeting your body where it is and build upon your success.

With Jessica Midkiff at Hardwired for Health where we dive deep into unlocking your superpowers and hardwiring your health to live your best life. 🔥

The BBK Takeaway

This philosophy of taking care of yourself first (body, mind and spirit) and the way that this allows you to thrive in your personal and professional life is something that I love and subscribe to in everything I do. Especially my business coaching!

There are two important lessons in all of this:

  1. Don't neglect yourself in the interest of your business. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your business, and 
  2. Age is no Barrier if you want a career change!!!

If you're interested in opening up your mindset as well as new opportunities why not get in touch? Let's chat about what BBK can help you achieve. 


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